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My therapeutic style, at it’s core, is client-centered. This means that I provide each client with unconditional positive regard and empathic understanding. Every person is unique, therefore I cater my approach to meet the specific needs of each client. I believe the therapy process should be collaborative, in which we work together to develop treatment goals, determine which coping skills work best for you, and figure out ways to help you achieve the peace, relief, and clarity you are seeking. My goal as a therapist is to provide a warm, compassionate, and safe space for you to process and explore whatever might be bringing you in for therapy at this time. 


The adolescent and teenage years are wrought with unique challenges. In today’s world, teens are exposed to overwhelming internal and external struggles - hormonal changes, puberty, social pressures, parental forces, school expectations, and so much more. Many adolescents and teens feel misunderstood, and their parents are confused about how to help them.


“I don’t even recognize my child anymore!" is something I hear often from parents. Parents may be concerned about the emotional and behavioral changes they notice in their adolescent or teen - increased mood swings, social isolation, acting out behaviors, and more.


I specialize in helping adolescents and teens navigate this difficult stage of life by providing a safe space for them to find their voice, express their authentic feelings, develop healthy coping skills, learn communication strategies, gain insight into themselves, and ultimately feel heard and understood. 

Young Adults

As a young adult myself, I am privy to the challenges people in their 20s to 30s face today. Many young adults report not knowing who they are or who they want to be, feeling lost or lacking direction in their lives. 

Living in the world of social media, both societal pressures and comparison to peers are heightened, often creating anxiety and depression in this population. Many young adults get stuck in a comparison loop. “Look at what that person is doing - I’m not anywhere near where they’re at” is a common thought I hear from clients. Other common challenges among the young adult population are phase of life issues, relational problems, friendships, and self-confidence. 


​I assist individuals with navigating this unique stage of life by helping them gain insight into their thoughts, feelings, and actions; develop self-compassion; identify their unique strengths; learn healthy ways of coping; and gain valuable tools that will help them cope with life’s obstacles. 


There are several reasons why individuals seek therapy - to find relief from distressing thoughts and feelings, to process difficult experiences from the past or present, to discover new coping strategies, to gain insight or clarity into themselves or their relationships, and more. 

Did you know studies show that the most influential factor in positive therapy outcomes is a strong therapeutic alliance between therapist and client? My goal is to provide a warm, supportive, and safe space for clients to be heard and feel genuinely connected with me. 

A common misconception about therapy is that it's a problem solver - that it will provide all of the answers you are seeking. My primary goal is to help clients develop the awareness, understanding, knowledge, and tools that they need to build confidence in themselves to work through whatever challenges they may face.

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